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The Impact Hub Academy Sustainable Products Track provides education and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are addressing critical challenges in human and environmental health via sustainable product design and development. The elements of our tiered program combine to form a complete learning environment, offering skill and knowledge growth as well as critical networking opportunities for professionals at all stages of their career, from Startup to Fortune 500.


SPD I – From the Ground Up:  Growing a Sustainable Business

From the Ground Up is a 12-week, instructor-lead course and business accelerator for those seeking a solid foundation in Sustainable Products Design.  Transform your idea into a fundable case and launch a business that is not only profitable, but a force for good.  This course takes you from ideation to market validation as you work with experienced professionals to develop a business plan and financial statements required to raise capital and launch or expand your business, from supply chain development and manufacturing to hiring, marketing and sales. Participants will apply ecological systems design for business, state of the art sustainable business practices, and relevant legal structures to launch or expand their business in alignment with their vision and values.

SPD II:  Sustainability In Practice

How can executives work within their companies to re-invent supply chains and raise the bar from “organic” and “sustainable” to regenerative? Sustainability In Practice provides an in-depth look at regenerative food systems, combined with the mentorship and first-hand experience needed to implement change within your business. This course is designed for entrepreneurs and executives in established businesses looking to strengthen their skills and knowledge in Sustainable Product Design and better position their businesses in this growing market.


Working in community is central to the philosophy of Impact Hub Academy.  Accordingly, SPD members have access to the two following initiatives designed to create opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, and co-creation.

The Sustainability Guild

The Sustainability Guild is a space for entrepreneurs and executives to come together in community to seek inspiration, share ideas, and create solutions with input from peers and mentors.  Regular gatherings include peer-to-peer mentoring and support, facilitated by seasoned professionals, complimented by topic-driven workshops.


Apprenticeships provide the ideal opportunity for members seeking to bolster first-hand experience of the sustainable business in practice.  Apprenticeships will be competency-based, emphasizing skills such as supply chain development and manufacturing to hiring, marketing and sales, and provide access to mentors and employment opportunities.

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Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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