Impact Hub Academy Community Catalyst & Event Coordinator


Savannah Kruger

Savannah wants to create a world of less separation, where people feel loved in community and step into the depth of who they are to heal our world. 

Since moving to Boulder in 2011, she has ran hundreds of community events, co-created 2 intentional co-housing communities, led leadership and meditation workshops at CU Boulder, empowered hundreds of female business owners through her work at Pangea Organics, organized various social justice gatherings and initiatives aligned with compassion and embodiment, helped manage the Boulder Farmers’ Market, helped build an alternative school in Boulder called the Boulder Sudbury School, and bicycled thousands of miles of Boulder pavement. She is deeply invested in Boulder’s community, wants to help local businesses thrive, and has committed herself to serving and loving the people of her home.

Her intention for her work with the Impact Hub Academy is to catalyze the experience of love and belonging in our community and catalyze rich opportunities for impact and growth. She intends to stand in service of everyone whom she encounters and to leave them feeling loved, celebrated, and nourished. She can’t wait to meet you at some upcoming Academy event!


Located in Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302


Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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