Climate Action Program Track Lead


Emma Ruffin

Emma is a vision-holder and chief collaborator with C3 Boulder: The Climate Culture Collaborative, a community capacity building group that seeks to break down silos and bring people together for a magnified impact around climate action in Boulder. She employs permaculture principles and Theory U into her everyday work and play, and loves to garden, create art, make people laugh and explore the wildness of ourselves and our planet. She also works with the Global Shapers Boulder Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum that is driven by 20-somethings dedicated to creating positive change in their communities, as well as serving as a mentor with the Youth Global Leaders program out of Philanthropiece.  Her general motto: life I love you, all is groovy (yes, even when it’s not so groovy).


Located in Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302


Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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