Dana Pauzauskie

Dana believes in the beauty of the human spirit and is an unwavering creative, practical optimist. She is a bridge builder, educator, personal consultant and social impact entrepreneur. She enjoys interdisciplinary pursuits, including former work with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research designing collaborative projects between climate scientists and indigenous communities. In order to demystify human connection within the environment, she has bridged her experience in cross cultural climate research, wilderness therapy, yoga, Montessori and public education with entrepreneurship and founded “You’re Yoga: Awareness Education” for children and adults. As a personal consultant she works closely with individuals in unique capacities to identify and refine aspirations while strategizing how to bring them to life. Dana is the Founding Partner of Dream Tank, a Boulder born entrepreneurial accelerator for kids ages 8-14, and is elated to join the Impact Hub Academy as Co-Lead for the Social Entrepreneurship Track.


Located in Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302


Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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