Future of Our Cities Program Track

Change your city, change your world

From a focus on community wealth building to equitable city development, from addressing homelessness to designing creative cities, Impact Hub Academy will bring our community together to create common ground for local impact.

Over half of the world’s current population lives in cities, and the UN expects the proportion to climb to 66% by 2050. Today, we have the opportunity to create models that will empower the cultural, creative, and intellectual capital of city populations to address our greatest social, economic, and environmental challenges. The Future of Our Cities Program Track will serve as a training ground for locally-rooted globally-connected change, where investors, artists, foundations, entrepreneurs and citizens can discuss these issues and take direct Action.

Header Photo Credit: Bo Insogna – ColoradoNatureArt.com

Impact Goals

  • 5+ working groups formed around projects (result of Boulder Solutions events)
  • 1000+ people deeply impacted and intending to change elements of their lifestyle based on their experiences at Future of Our Cities events
  • 100+ people drastically open to working with people from seemingly opposing groups of thought across the Front Range community (result of Courageous Conversations)

This Program Track includes:

  • Community Leader Certification Program
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Worker-Owned CO-OP Business Program and Guild
  • Impact Local Solutions Accelerator

If you want to make a serious positive impact in the Boulder-Denver community, if you want to become a leader in your community, and if you want to create the future of your city, this is the place.

Coming March 2017

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Located in Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302


Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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