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There are currently countless initiatives at work on creating content for social capital, however many of these efforts have become isolated and competitive, limiting their scope and reach.


The Impact HUB Academy is positioned to become a leading backbone organization in the Boulder area and beyond with a strategic focus on supporting aligned activities in order to address complex local and global challenges. With an emphasis on business and sustainable social impact, members of the Academy are invited to become an alliance of changemakers and enterprises, helping us to source challenges which will be fed into our programs for resolution and business creation.


The outcome being greater collective impact and collaboration among previously disparate organizations, and the building of a stronger social entrepreneurial global community. As the Academy advances, we will be focusing on Impact Measurement by collecting local and region-wide data in a reporting system that tracks results to improve performance for the Academy and our program partners.


Located in Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302


Located in Impact Hub Boulder

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