Climate Action

How can we build community engagement and connectivity around climate action in Boulder, CO?

This is a question we grapple with daily at the Climate Action Track. Run in collaboration with C3 Boulder: the Climate Culture Collaborative, this track aims to magnify our local impact around climate action by bringing together Boulder’s abundant environmental community to collaborate and co-create the local and global solutions our planet needs. Our goal is to connect, communicate and celebrate:

  • Connecting people and organizations via events and online platforms,
  • Communicating the stories that need to be told across our many community efforts,
  • Celebrating our vibrant climate community, inviting more cross-pollination

Why Climate Action? Why Boulder?

Residing in the beauty, abundance, health and creativity of Boulder, we recognize our unique endowment of capability and opportunity. With perhaps the world’s greatest per capita concentration of climate scientists, digital creatives, wealth managers, conscious living practitioners, health food companies, extreme athletes, and environmental advocates—there is likely no place on earth better suited to formulate and pilot climate and community healing solutions. To show what we alone can achieve would be only a temporary and ultimately futile accomplishment. Our full potential and commitment is to use this remarkable wealth of capability to rapidly innovate and export these solutions to support both ourselves and the rest of the global community in making this essential transition.

Working Groups:

Currently, we have three active working groups:

  1. Boulder.Earth Nights
  2. #BoulderEarthWeek 2017
  3. Boulder.Earth Manifesto

In order to create deep local impact, it’s going to take all of us, working together across silos in a decentralized format based loosely on holacracy. All working groups come together once per month for a working meeting, as well as meet independently throughout the month.

Boulder.Earth Nights:

Boulder.Earth Nights are a seasonal, community-wide exploration of climate action via intentional community and collaboration.

First Boulder.Earth Night: Sept. 27th, 2016

Who: community organizers, artists, climate scientists, students, innovators, entrepreneurs, and other diverse stakeholder groups (almost 100 people in attendance)

What: “Building relationships and mapping our climate community.”

  • Live music, “jam session” & the Solidarity Singers
  • Potluck, more food than we could eat!
  • Facilitated breakout discussions inspired by Peter Block
    • Folks told us that they had “the most meaningful conversations [they’d] ever had in their life.”

Why: Boulder has few opportunities where people specifically gather to connect around projects and making a difference. “It’s really important to connect faces & people to the passion.”

#BoulderEarthWeek 2017 (#BEW):

#BEW is an opportunity to come together as a community to co-create the future we want to see in Boulder. 2017 will be our 2nd annual #BEW.

Last year we:

  • Engaged more than 4,000 people
  • Collaborated with >30 organizations
  • Coordinated ~40 events
  • Created Community Calendar
  • City declared the week “Earth Week”
  • “Earth Champion Awards”
  • BoCo Youth Climate Challenge
  • Created two massive murals
  • Sold out #TogetherWeWill event
  • Fundraised with EarthDeeds

This year we’re hoping to make an even bigger splash, helping to curate events using a Startup Week-inspired format.

Boulder.Earth Manifesto:

The Boulder.Earth Manifesto seeks to set an intention about who we want to be, how we want to behave, and what we want to activate in the world. Affirming this intention every day in our thoughts, words, and actions is a practice of personal transformation that catalyses cultural transformation.

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